Bovikalc calcium bolus for cows

    Bovikalc calcium bolus for cows provides both fast and long-lasting serum calcium levels in freshening cows. Unique bolus formulation offers two sources of calcium – calcium chloride for rapidly available blood serum calcium levels (within 30 minutes), and calcium sulfate for sustained calcium levels over time.

Easy-to-administer bolus is swallowed, leaving nothing to spit out. Special fat coating minimizes throat irritation; helps protect cow’s throat. Bolus delivery method minimizes waste and reduces risk of material entering lungs, which causes aspiration pneumonia. Do not use for cows lying down or showing signs of hypocalcemia.

Each bolus contains 43 gm calcium. Dosage: One bolus prior to or immediately after calving; a second bolus 12 hours later. Bovikalc may be administered with balling gun designed for Bovikalc boluses (sold separately). Patented.