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Direct Fed Microbials for the Millennium and Beyond



Direct Fed Microbials for the Millennium and Beyond...

Capsules: What? When? & Where?
Bio-Vet offers several formulas in capsule form. Often producers ask which capsule to use under which circumstances. Here are some general suggestions. First, we must distinguish the capsules based on what they supply. RumenAider® capsules supply microbial cultures for the rumen and intestine, digestive enzymes, minerals and vitamins including a large amount of niacin.
Gener-Cap™ capsules supply microbial cultures for the intestine, minerals and vitamins including slightly lower levels of niacin than RumenAider®.
Rumacin™ capsules supply microbial cultures for the intestine, digestive enzymes and large amounts of yeast and niacin.
Pecti-Cap™ capsules supply Bio-Vet's unique charcoal, pectins, electrolytes and low levels of vitamins.
Second, we must evaluate the animals that are to be given the capsules. For most fresh cows, RumenAider® is the prime choice product, its microbials help get cows started on feed. Its minerals and vitamins help the immune and reproductive systems recuperate and aid the general metabolism of the cow. The niacin helps the cow better meet its energy needs by aiding liver function. RumenAider® is the most broad spectrum capsule formulation with the potential to affect most of the major metabolic and digestive pathways that can become problematic in fresh cows. 3ener-Cap™ capsules for cows supply much of what is found in RumenAider®, only in ower levels. This formulation does not contain the rumen microbials of RumenAider®. 3ener-Cap™ is an economy nutritional / microbial capsule that meets and exceeds the luality of the competitor's red stress capsule. If the check book dictates a fixed, lower imount be spent on fresh cows, Gener-Cap™ is a superior alternative to the competition, (umacin™ capsules are an excellent choice for cows when the primary goal is to get the umen to function sooner. The high levels of yeast in this product help the rumen very apidly. Many dairymen will use Rumacin™ in conjunction with RumenAider® or for ows who's primary complaint is decreased rumen function as a result of disease or eterinary treatment. If the cow does not necessarily need trace mmerais or vitamins for 5 reproductive or immune system, Rumacin™ may be the product of choice. ecti-Cap™ capsules are specifically used on cows with rumen or intestinal upset. The larcoal and electrolytes best fit this application. Best results are obtained when 3Cti-Cap™ is used in conjunction with one of the aforementioned microbial capsules, the case of calves, Gener-Cap™ capsules best fit newborn calves and prior to ;aning. RumenAider® Jr. capsules are best suited for calves from weaning until they ach 500 pounds of body weight because they contain some rumen specific microbial Itures. Pecti-Cap Jr. capsules are specifically used on calves with intestinal upset lile paying particular attention to hydration status and using oral fluid therapy, timately, it often comes down to which formulation the producer is the most comfortable h. Whichever type of capsule a producer finds most beneficial to his cattle or pocket ok, Bio-Vet has a superior answer. The key is to compare the right Bio-Vet product to i competitive product and take into account what components are most beneficial to vs under the management system of the dairy. No one product can do it all, but at i-Vet we try to make sure that any one of our microbial capsules will work under a wide ge of circumstances.
For those producers that prefer gel paste microbials, Bio-Vet provides two excellent ducts, Gener-Gel™ Bovine Pro-55 paste and Gener Microbial paste.

CftarC/ay™ Gel Tubes - A superior adsorbent product!
CharClay™ Gel is an adsorbent, electrolyte paste product contained in a 270 ml tube. The charcoal component of CharClay™ is of a special type that has highly adsorbent properties. Typically activated carbon is utilized as an adsorbent in this type of product. The charcoal utilized in CharClay™ showed superior adsorbent characteristics in Bio-Vet testing. This led to its application in Bio-Vet's adsorbent products including PectiCap™, PectiLyte™ and now CharClay™. Toxins, either from bacteria or feed based, are the targets of the charcoal adsorbent component. Electrolytes contained in CharClay™ help maintain cellular fluid levels in animals experiencing fluid loss due to the toxins or resulting digestive upset. Montmorillonite clay helps soothe the intestinal lining and acts as a second type of binding component. The molecule in the charcoal contained in CharClay™ looks like a ball of yarn. Toxins get caught in this molecule and pass through the digestive system. The montmorillonite clay molecule looks like a deck of cards attached at both ends that expand and contracts with moisture and other factors. Toxins are sequestered in between the "cards" and pass through the digestive system in this molecule.
CharClay™ is for animals experiencing dysentery, digestive upset due to overeating, situations where toxins are suspected and as a general adsorbent. For adult cattle and horses over 500 pounds 135 - 270 ml should be administered. Livestock less than 500 Ibs. (calves, foals, sheep, goats) 70-135 ml can be administered. Livestock less than 100 Ibs receive 1 ml per pound of body weight and dogs and cats receive 1-2 ml per 5 pounds of body weight. CharClay™ Gel is administered once or twice daily as needed. It is packaged in 270 ml tubes with 12 contained in a case.

Plasma Removed from Bio-Vet Formulas
Some of you may be aware that PDA is currently proposing the removal of bovine blood products including plasma from the exemption list of animal products prohibited for use in cattle feeds. What this basically means is that bovine blood plasma will be prohibited as a cattle feed once PDA officially publishes its list. Milk and gelatin will still be exempted animal origin feed sources and will continue to be allowed for use in cattle feeds.
To this end, Bio-Vet has been reformulating various products that included plasma. We are replacing the plasma with whey protein concentrate (WPC). Both of these ingredients contain high quality protein with excellent amino acid content. Bovine plasma contains higher levels of immunoglobulin protein (antibodies) than does WPC. WPC still contains some active bovine antibodies and was determined to be more beneficial for Bio-Vet formulations than switching to porcine plasma. Bio-Vet also uses other ingredients that contain immunoglobulin protein such as egg solids and colostral milk protein. WPC is more palatable than plasma and should help with voluntary intake of the various Bio-Vet products.
At press time, Gener-LYTE and Gener-LYTE 'G' containing WPC have already been shipped. Existing inventories of Catolyte and Gener Veal Additive are nearly gone and the next formulation will contain WPC.

New Heavy Duty Foil Pouches are in Use!
Bio-Vet has implemented our new heavy duty foil laminate pouches for our powdered product packages weighing between ten and twenty pounds. We have encountered no unforeseen manufacturing problems and expect the pouches to provide much superior performance than our lighter foil pouches previously used for these packages.

At press time, Gener-LYTE and Gener-LYTE 'G' containing WPC have already been shipped. Existing inventories of Catolyte and Gener Veal Additive are nearly gone and the next formulation will contain WPC.
Customers can expect a slightly different aroma when these products are mixed with water (more of a milk smell). WPC is slightly harder to get into solution than plasma, but does not clump as badly when mixing.

RumenAider® NITRAPRO™ Capsules and Generator™ NITRAPRO™ Direct Fed Microbial a powerful combination for nitrate problems!
Nitrate poisoning in forage crops usually is associated with drought conditions that reduce plant growth and the capacity of plants to utilize nitrate. Cool cloudy weather can also reduce plant growth allowing for nitrate accumulation. Immature and young plants may have increased potential for nitrate accumulations versus mature plants. Late planted crops that are exposed to frost and plants experiencing a drought ending rain are also likely to contain high levels of nitrates. Excessive use of nitrogen fertilizer may be a contributing factor in nitrate problems.
Ruminants can adapt and utilize nitrates via rumen microbes that use nitrates. Nitrate levels in excess of this adaptive ability can cause harm. The following table lists varying levels of nitrates and the potential harm they may cause.

bio chart

Other publications have noted that nitrate levels contained in forage above 4,000 ppm of nitrate nitrogen should not be fed to livestock. By either measure there is agreement that nitrates are harmful to cattle.

Bio-Vet markets two products that contain elevated levels of nitrate-utilizing propionibacteria. RumenAider® NITRA PRO™ Capsules and Generator™ NITRA PRO™ Direct Fed Microbial. Both products contain propionibacteria strain P52 shown by research to reduce blood nitrite levels when up to 20,000 ppm of nitrate is present in the ration.3

RumenAider® NITRA PRO™ capsules are administered to cattle prior to turn out on pastures that may contain high levels of nitrates. Generator™ NITRA PRO™ Direct Fed Microbial is fed at one pound per 32 head (1/2 ounce) per day for a period of 10 days prior to exposure to high nitrate levels. Continuous feeding of Generator™ Direct Fed Microbial is recommended after the initial 10 days. Generator™ Direct Fed Microbial provides propionibacteria strain P5 daily to help maintain nitrate using propionibacteria populations in the rumen.

RumenAider® NITRA PRO™ capsules are packaged 25 per bag (10 bags per case) and Generator™ NITRA PRO™ is packaged in 15 pound pouches (4 per case).

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