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Dairy farmsSince the beginning of the dairy industry’s modern age, Vernon Agri Service has been a
leader in quality animal health products for your dairy health needs. How? Over 40 years experience allows us to provide knowledgeable programs with quality products.
Vernon Agri Service Inc continues to lead the industry with top quality products- Orbeseal, Udder Comfort, Bova-Shield FP5 L5 HP, Inforce 3. All are designed to save
dairy producer’s money.
Vernon Agri Service provides accurate solutions to your every day dairy animal health needs, while informing you about the newest products and programs to contain your veterinarian expenses.
Recognized for our innovative dairy farm products, Vernon Agri Service is dedicated to ensuring that dairy farm producers throughout the United States have the ability to produce the highest quality dairy products.

Every order above $100.00 will receive a 250 ML FREE BOTTLE PENICILLIN G PROCAINE. Just use SKU: FREEPENG in our shopping cart to receive.
300,000 units per ml
48 hour withhold on milk
4 days slaughter for food- cattle

Free Overnight Shipping on Vaccines totaling over $150 in
           Use Code: freeshippingvaccines

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Direct Fed Microbials for the
Millennium and Beyond...

Capsules: What? When? & Where?
Bio-Vet offers several formulas in capsule form. Often producers ask which capsule to use under which circumstances. Here are some general suggestions. First, we must distinguish the capsules based on what they supply. RumenAider® capsules supply microbial cultures for the rumen and intestine, digestive enzymes, minerals and vitamins including a large amount of niacin.

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